"Competition brings out the best of one's ever seen skill"

CREATIVITY and INNOVATION forms the nucleus whether it is a toy that moves around amusing the kids or a huge humanoid with artificial intelligence. To ignite the inherent creativity in today's students and to empower them as tomorrow's enviable scientists of our Country, RAAIF is Organizing a nationwide robotics competition for school students to encourage and bring out the hidden "Little Scientists" in them - from Simple to Complex and from Small to Large designs and applications.

Competition is powered by Knowledge,
Knowledge is powered by Technology,
Technology is powered by Innovation
- Dr. APJ Kalam


RobotzIndia V5.0 provides an opportunity to school students to showcase their talents in bringing new concepts and designs by formulating a novel robotic technology and advance one step further in creating the ultimate robotic machine.

RobotzIndia V5.0 presents challenging competition which enable the students to build and operate their own robots under three themes viz. RobotzLand, RobotzSea & RobotzSpace


Humans fight against enemies with all struggles and battles on their way. Emerging technologies and advancements enable them to defend and survive. RobotzLand provides and opportunity for the students to build robots that could manipulate and cross all hurdles to reach the given destination on Land. RobotzLand has two different categories namely.

i)Indian Commando

Build a robot that can overcome obstacles on the way to its goal. The path is strewn with multiple obstructions that includes multi-terrains, steps, slopes, etc…

ii) Garbage Sorter

Build a robot that keeps the place clean. The bots should be capable of picking up garbage from one place and transport it to a Trash Container / Garbage Region earmarked at another place.

iii) Agribot

Build a multitasking agriculture robot to execute the basic functions, like ploughing, seeding and fertilizing which are carried out in farms.

iv) Robo Car Mania

Build a RC robot that can run inside the arena following the road signs and traffic signals.

v) Robo Jallikattu

Build any remote controlled bot to withstand the Robo Bull’s hard hit. U can even use autonomous bots. The one who stands till the end will be announced as Winners.

Robotz Sea

“India’s holy rivers succumbs to Pollution”. Even the crystal clear River Ganges gets polluted by our cities and Industries. Curious about building something to clean the water! Here is your chance to Build a robot to float in water & clean the floating pollutants.

i) Aqua Cleaner

A robot which cleans the polluted water which is filled with multiple waste like slug, food waste, wood waste, plastic waste, metal waste and much more.


Curiosity is the root cause for exploration. Research about other planets is a great challenge. Robots are built and tested on a large scale to inspect other planet surfaces and investigate the presence of life in it. RobotzSpace provides opportunity for students to explore and build miniature robots operation in Air. RobotzSpace has three different categories namely:

i) The Mars Rover

Design and build a Rover that will start from a space shuttle and navigate its way down to mars. The rover should be capable of exploring the surface parameters and detect the humidity content, temperature in air and the presence of water in the localised region such as a cave.

ii) Glider Mania

Design and build a Rubber triggered plane that covers the maximum distance with great stability and in less time.

iii) Disaster Support - RC Plane

Design a RC Controlled Plane that should cover the maximum distance in less time with great stability. It should be able to complete the tasks given & drop payload in stipulated drop- zone in each round of the competition.

My Innovation Challenge - Robot Expo

Innovation plays an important role in all aspects of life. Crisis for innovation arises, when the needs increase. To encourage and bring out the hidden “Little Scientists” in those students who aspire to create a new era by designing and structuring a working prototype robot, RobotzIndia presents My Innovation Challenge, which has three different categories:

i) Future transportation

Fuel efficient, zero emission vehicles will use high tech electronics to assist drivers in a wide variety of ways. Vehicles will communicate with each other, with the road and with traffic signals. Autos and trucks of the future will use vision enhancement devices to help you navigate through bad weather and warn you of a possible collision with a pedestrian or animal. Cars of the future will be radically different than the automobiles of today, and so will the driving experience.

ii) Smart Roads

Roads are the literal bedrock of future transport. So, your typical smart road will be more ‘animated’ than its conventional ‘inanimate’ predecessor. It’ll come with sensors, data capture capabilities, the ability to be responsive to changes in the environment and, perhaps most importantly, be connected. Roads will ‘talk’ to cars, bicycles, traffic lights and even cities. Roads will be ‘alive’ and in turn, we will benefit from the experience of quicker, safer and more effective trips.

iii) Open

By using innovate concepts in any field of science and engineering, design and fabricate a product that caters to a certain scenario or a specific task. Project report, data logs and the fabricated model of the robot to be presented for the final round of the competition.

Let's build an innovative INDIA!