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  • Indian Commando
  • Garbage Sorter
  • Agribot
  • Robo Car Mania
  • Robo Jallikattu
  • The Robot Premier League
Humans fight against enemies with all struggles and battles on their way. Emerging technologies and advancements enable them to defend and survive. RobotzLand provides and opportunity for the students to build robots that could manipulate and cross all hurdles to reach the given destination on Land. RobotzLand has six different categories namely:

i) Indian Commando

Build a robot that can overcome obstacles on the way to its goal. The path is strewn with multiple obstructions that includes multi-terrains, steps, slopes, etc…

ii) Garbage Sorter

Build a robot that keeps the place clean. The bots should be capable of picking up garbage from one place and transport it to a Trash Container / Garbage Region earmarked at another place

iii) Agribot

Build a multitasking agriculture robot to execute the basic functions, like ploughing, seeding and fertilizing which are carried out in farms.

iv) Robo Car Mania

Build a RC robot that can run inside the arena following the road signs and traffic signals.

V) Robo Jallikattu

Build any remote controlled bot to withstand the Robo Bull’s hard hit. U can even use autonomous bots. The one who stands till the end will be announced as Winners.